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AWS Solutions Architect Associate

Renewed this one. I first took this in 2018 with a renewal in 2020. It's been interesting to see how it has evolved over time. 
First, no immediate pass/fail (ugh). Used to be that they wouldn't score you right away but would at least tell you pass/fail immediately. No longer (some say for security review which might make sense). Tip - it shows up in your account before you get notified, so check that first. 
Second, more big data stuff in there. Kinesis Firehose and Data Streams. Since I'd taken the bid data specialty, this was not a worry for me, but seeing more if it on this exam was new. 
Third, a lot more on cross account handling. Especially things like AWS Organizations and the tools that Organizations makes use of. This is clearly due to the proliferation of multi account customers. 
Fourth, a question on AWS Lake Formation. Did not see this in any of the classes or prep materials. Perhaps a directional indicator for the future? Maybe. #aws #certification #solutionsarchitect #bigdata
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