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Escapades in AWS Certification

Adventures in cloud computing.  Like many folks, I've been reading about this new game changer for some time.  And been experimenting with some of the tools.  S3 storage for static web hosting: check.  EC2 instances for managing compute tasks: check.  Even trying some auto scaling which is one key item that make so much sense.  I think I'd learned just enough to know I was dangerous.
I had some ideas as to how I might like to make use of cloud technology. Migrate some of my tools to AWS and leverage Lambda functions in the design of how they would work.  Lambda is the game changer with in the game changer.  I can see the amazing potential.  Wouldn't need to start out with it at first, but eventually get there.
After playing around in my own sandbox, I concluded there is no better way to learn than to get dirtier and get certified.  So I embarked on a certification exam for Solution Architect.
One can't research too long before finding that A Cloud Guru stands out as a leader in the teaching of this material.  I found a very inexpensive course on and started my adventure.  More to come. 
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