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The Definitive Guide to TMS Top 5 Lists

This goes into the "anything else" category. One of my other passions is rock and roll music. And many people who hang around the worlds of hard rock and heavy metal are aware of a VH1 classic TV show called "That Metal Show" (@ThatMetalShow  #TMS). Hosted by Eddie Trunk, Don Jamieson, and Jim Florentine, the show has become a focal point of discussion, awareness, and fun around this music genre.

The show has numerous segments, but the one that struck me is the "Top 5" lists. Host selected topics are debated and a "final" list is determined. This blog post is to show you how diligent (or perhaps crazy) I've taken interest in these lists. I've researched the shows and found that no where was there a definitive list of Top 5 lists. So I created one myself!

Here is the link to The Definitive Guide to TMS Top 5 Lists. You can use this blog post to add comments (or to help me track down the few episodes for which I cannot find the list). Enjoy!
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