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latest SchemaLightener feedback

"It worked like a charm on my schemas :)  I bought you a few cups of coffee for the effort. Keep up the good work."

"Brilliant thanks Paul.  I've downloaded your tool and it works really well."

"thank you for sending me the tools. The WSDL flattener helped me a lot and I will tell everybody in our office about it."

"Great job on the xml tool"

"Paul, thank you so much!  I’ll definitely buy you a coffee! ;)"

"Please  could you let me know how to get hold of your WSDL flattener – those xs:includes are driving me nuts!"

"Thanks a lot. I did test the sample data and it works beautifully."

"Your XML Schema Lightener and Flattener tool sounds like just what I need."

"Thanks Paul, this worked like a charm. A little bit of hacking at it but we now have the schema we were after! Thanks for your contribution, it would have been a nightmare without your XML Lightner tool."
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