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recursive includes/imports in XSLT tools

I've been getting increasing requests to update the Schema Flattener in particular.  There was a well known limitation of the tool (the XSLT) with respect to recursive includes.  This occurs when schema "A" includes another schema "B" which in turn includes schema "A".  This is legal based on the Xml Schema specification.  But tools often have a problem with it.

Simplest use case:
Schema A <--- xsd:include ---> Schema B

Less obvious use case:
Schema A   xsd:include ---> Schema B

Schema B   xsd:include ---> Schema C

Schema C   xsd:include ---> Schema A

Having said this, the Schema Lightener has handled recursive includes for some time.  I have simply not had the time to update the Flattener.  This is about to change! I'll have the Flattener updated very soon and recursive includes will no longer be a problem.

To the OAGIS and OTA users in particular who have been doing extensions to these standards and inadvertently created recursive includes, you'll soon be able to use the Flattener with your extensions.  Your requests to update this tool are about to be answered.
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