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Fantasy iTunes

Heard of fantasy football? How about fantasy iTunes! Here is my fantasy experience.

I sit here working and listening to my music. It has all my songs listed and sortable by artist, title, genre etc. One of my favorites comes on and I think "I'd like to get the lyrics for this song and read them". Right click on the song "display lyrics". Now I can read some of the words that I may not hear correctly. In my case, the crushing rock guitar rips in and stomps on a lead-in word so I can't make it out. The lyrics really speak to me sometimes and now I have them. If I don't, I'd be happy to pay extra for them.

Satisfied, I return to my work. Diligently getting things done. Then I wonder, "didn't they make a cool video for that song?". Right click on song and hit "go to video on youtube". As it turns out, they did make a video and it adds a visual to the aural experience of the song. A great accompaniment.

Now back to some work. I must reach this deadline. But wait, I was wondering on what album that song appeared. I may want to go buy it. Plus, I want to know who wrote it. Was it created by the guitar hero or the soulful singer? Right click "go to liner notes". Now I know who wrote the song, who produced it, and what album its on. Let's go buy the whole thing next. And maybe the producer has worked with other bands I might be interested in.

Forget work. I'm going to post a note on facebook about how great this song is. Maybe see what my friends think. And maybe they will give me advice on what songs I might like because they are related to or similar to this song. Click "share".

Now, just like fantasy football, I have a total "fan" experience. Cheap songs are great. But so is watching football games on TV for free. Go after the residuals and grow the fan base by supporting the real fanatics. The real music fans. Who want the details. Who buy lots of music and are passionate about it.

Think of the total experience one could have.

That is my Fantasy iTunes experience.
© Copyright Paul Kiel.