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Latest stats on SchemaLightener / SchemaFlattener / WSDLFlattener

Haven’t updated for a while, so I took a moment to see what kind of stats I’ve been getting on the SchemaLightener / SchemaFlattener / WSDLFlattener toolset.  These are actual requests and not web server logs of robot hits to the site.  Real people using the toolset to solve real problems.

I’ve received hundreds of requests for the download.  Some have been kind enough to donate to the cause to show their appreciation for this free toolset.

It has been used with at least 7 major Consortia’s resources (XSD and WSDL):

OAGi – Open Application Group –
Swift – Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication –
NIEM – National Information Exchange Model –
HR-XML – Human Resources XML –
OTA – Open Travel Alliance –
ACORD – Association for Cooperative Operations Research and Development  –
STAR – Standards for Technology in Automotive Retail –

Requests have come in from 19 countries:

ar - argentina
au - australia
be - belgium
ca - canada
ch - switzerland
cn - china
de - germany
dk - denmark
fr - france
gr - greece
hr - croatia
hu - hungary
mx - mexico
nl - netherlands
nz - new zealand
pl - poland
ru - russia
se - sweeden
us - usa

I have yet to have a requestor who was unable to get it working for their problem.  A couple have asked for enhancements (some I’ve implemented).  And one request came in as not working, but when I asked for the files so I could replicate their problem, they said they no longer were using the tool.  So I couldn’t reproduce their problem.

I'm proud and glad it is working to solve people's problems.  Thanks for your support.
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