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new free tool: WSDL Flattener enters alpha stage

I've developed the Xml Schema Flattener and Schema Lightener to solve specific problems around maintaining large libraries of Xml Schemas as well as communicating their practical use for a given setting.

I've always wanted to do the same thing for WSDL files. And in fact, have gotten several requests to do just that. Well, I've been getting enough inquiries recently that I thought I would put some time in on this.

The basic goal is to create a WSDL Flattener just like the Schema Flattener. Develop modular WSDL files and connect them via wsdl:import; which also contains a section with an xsd:schema element. This schema would in turn have xsd:import and/or xsd:include files. Indeed it seems that everyone developes schemas separately from the WSDL. So how about a tool that would take the whole thing and munge it into a single, stand alone WSDL file? Schemas and all. And to do it via XSLT (meaning open technology).

Well, I am getting very close to this. It didn't take long to be able to merge wsdl:imports. But adding in the nested flattening of schemas took a bit longer. I have a draft that seems to work. But I need to do some serious testing before I sent it out.

So stay tuned for this addition to the xmlHelpline Free Tools section.
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