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webinar: Migrating to HR-XML 3.0

Preparing for a webinar presentation tomorrow. The HR-XML Consortium has recently released its new 3.0 set of standards. This is the first non-backwardly compatible release is many years. It also takes advantage of (by building on top of) OAGIS architecture including its platform implementation of UN/CEFACT core components. Gettings slides and demo in presentable order!

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You've looked at the new 3.0 specification and are considering upgrading. You ask yourself, how can I do this? How much effort is involved in upgrading? Do I have to re-write my entire application? What is the easiest and least expensive way to upgrade? Answering these questions is a critical component of the value decision for implementers. This technical presentation will examine an inexpensive way for implementers to migrate applications from 2.x to 3.0. Participants will be shown (and receive for free) draft XSLT code that demonstrates how a translation can work.

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