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TranslatHR free tool

Just launched the TranslatHR project in draft form via a webinar. It attempts to facilitate the migration from HR-XML 2.x standards to the new version 3.0. It uses simple, free XSLT to translate 2.x xml instances to 3.0 instances.

Other proprietary tools can create XSLT from really nice WYSIWYG interfaces. However, the XSLT that results is sometimes opaque and hard to read. So updating, maintaining, and such cannot be done in the XSLT itself.

The solution is to create an easy to read XSLT. Of course some say that is an oxymoron - since XSLT is not easily read inherently - perhaps I should say "easier" to read. And designed to be extensible and maintainable by anyone with an XSLT processor.
Thus the TranslatHR.
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