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Feedback on Schema Lightener

I've been getting some great feedback on the Xml Schema Lightener tool. As noted, I've tested the tool with various standards. Now I have feedback from others using the tool with OAGIS, HR-XML, SWIFT, NIEM, OTA, ACORD, and proprietary schemas.

Here is a sampling of feedback (names omitted):

"I tried out the XML Schema Lightener. It works great! [...] You have provided a wonderful tool for the XML community. I hope you enjoy the coffee I sent you."

"I did a first test and it seems to work really well. This is just what I have been looking for just to get a XSD-schema that actually tells how the schema is used by my organization. The test I did for now was [...] on a propritary Xml format delivered by a company [...] ERP. "

"I haven’t tested it exhaustively with ISO 20022 schemas, but where I have tried it, it seems to work perfectly – exactly as advertised. For many use cases I am sure it could be very helpful."

"I have already worked with your schema lightener tool and i really liked it.... "

[feedback via my Linkedin profile:] “The schema lightener proposed by Paul is a powerful solution for people who are concerned by reliability and optimization of schemas. The tool responded to our needs at Aeroplan when we had several big schemas to "refresh"...”

[After a new release of the tool, fixing a bug] "The good news is that all of the problem scenarios I encountered before worked with the latest drop."

A sampling of feedback on use cases (names omitted):

"I’ve been thinking of writing just such a program, but came across your site! Very cool!"

"I would love a copy of your tool. I am working with a ridiculously large schema (from ACORD) that I need to subset."

"Your software looks like the solution to my nightmare, to lighten some OTA schemas."

"I would like to 'lighten' the 3000+ page ACORD schema, which is a standard for the Property and Casualty Insurance industry. My company only [works with] two of the dozens of lines of business included in the schema. I would like to simplify the schema to include only those lines of business we support. It looks like your XSL utility might do the job."

"I am working on a project using Oracle’s version of the OAGIS schemas and they have thousands of elements, and we end up using about 50 of them."

"I am working with XML Schema and have been developing subsets by hand. I am very interested in your XML Schema lightener."

"Your product looks interesting – the problem has occurred several times for our customers."

"I think your tool would be useful to some of those organisations who implement our schema for b2b messaging."
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