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Fourth data standards consortia

I've been talking directly with my 4th data standards consortia (all listed below). It seems I am getting a reputation for this. The fourth is a new organization that is dedicated to world food traceability. Recent news stories about problems have illustrated the need to find a solution. News reports of Peanut butter in Minnesota and tomatoes in the southwest show an outbreak of salmonella. But finding the source of these outbreaks has proven difficult. The folks at World Food Trace are working to create an effective solution that is very cost effective.
And in fact, my work with OAGi has begun to branch out because of its role as a platform on which other standards can build. So a convergence is occurring, which is connecting me to groups like CIDX, UN/CEFACT, STAR, AIAG, ISA, WBF, PDES (STEP) and others.
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