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Schema Lightener undergoes heavy testing

The Xml Schema Lightener is coming along quite nicely. I've been gathering as many test cases as I can to put a significantly updated version through trials. It is designed to lighten a schema (some call it "prune" or "filter" or "creating a view of") based on an xml instance. Here are the test cases I've run:
  • 127 test cases ... HR-XML (Human Resources Xml) v. 2_5
  • 58 test cases ... HR-XML (Human Resources Xml) v. 3.0 (draft)
  • 494 test cases ... OAGi (Open Applications Group) v. 9.2
  • 141 test cases ... STAR (Standards for Technology in Automotive Retail) v. 5.1.4
  • 56 test cases ... CIDX (Chemical Industry Data eXchange) v. 4.0
  • 96 test cases ... ACORD (Insurance Data Standards) v. 2.9
  • 289 test cases ... OTA (Open Travel Alliance) v. 2003-05
  • 41 test cases ... TWIST (Transaction Workflow Innovation Standards Team) v 3.1
In total, that is 1,302 test cases. All of them are lightened correctly. All of them result in valid xml schemas. All of the original test xml validates against the resulting schema. 100%!

This process has really helped me increase the quality of this tool. It is a great resource for removing components that are never used from an xml schema.
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