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Schema Lightener updated, version 1.1.1

I’ve finally gotten a moment to update the Schema Lightener (now version 1.1.1). Several of you have been requesting this and I am glad to make some progress on it.

Most notably, I’ve fixed the “stack overflow error” that sometimes occurred as a result of how namespaces in data (not tags) is handled by XSLT processors. The problem was when two element names (the value of xsd:element/@name and not the tag itself) were the same but with different namespace prefixes. XSLT can handle the namespace prefix in tags very well, but in the content of data, there are some caveats. And because we are parsing an xml schema, the data is in the content.

Long story short, the Schema Lightener is updated and no longer throws this error. I’ve tested this with OAGIS 9.2 stand alone schemas and got some really good results. 100% validity and significant reduction in the number of components when applied using the sample xml instances that come with it.

For OAGIS folks, when this is combined with the BOD Flattener, it can take a big cumbersome schema set and pair down as well as flatten into something much more manageable.

I would like to know what you want to see next:

1) a user interface of some kind (i.e. browse to the xsd to lighten)
2) ability to take multiple xml instances as input
3) improve performance
4) other ….

Send me an email to request a free copy or let me know what you want next.
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