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Schema Lightener, a free tool to simplify xml schemas

I just released the free Xml Schema Lightener in order to address the issue described as "LiteBODs", subset Schemas, or constrained Schemas. In short it is a method to take a Schema and create a "Lite" one with all the undesired elements, attributes, and data types removed. Same data model but with fewer components.

I've gotten this request from clients in the data integration space, who either need to communicate a subset to their others (internal or external); or from clients who are trying to generate code from the Schema and don't want lots of unnecessary classes created for elements they don't implement.

Also got this request from Consortium members (i.e. members of HR-XML and OAG), where they want to take a base open standard Schema and constrain it down to an "as implemented" one that can be used for validation. It's been tested with OAGIS version 9.1 and HR-XML version 2.5.

There is an FAQ and real world statistics on the amoung of reduction in the number of components. Have a look and let me know your thoughts.
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